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Roman War family card game

Can anyone in your family easily read those long Roman numerals at the end of some movies? You’ll all be able to, after playing this fun family game!

Roman War is a printable card game for the whole family (second grade and up).  There are 80 different cards, each featuring a silly Roman character and a Roman numeral from III (3) to MMMV (3005).  There is also a full-page poster to review Roman numerals and a page of partially blank cards for creative use.

To play, simply print and cut out the cards, shuffle, and distribute the cards evenly to all the players.  Then play just like the classic “war” game — the player with the highest numeral wins everyone’s cards, and the player with the most cards at the end wins.

Math teachers and homeschool families could also use the poster and cards as a wall display, or make 2 copies of the cards and use in matching games.

Sample pages from this game — click to view larger:

printable roman numerals math game for the whole family or classroom play time   Roman War nice summer math game for kids or the whole family printable card set with poster   printable roman numerals poster for kids or families or math teachers - part of Roman War card game

You can easily purchase and download this printable game for less than two dollars at TeachersPayTeachers, PayLoadz, or the Australian Teacher’s Marketplace.


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